Saint Teresa of Àvila has that mysterious quality the Spanish call ‘duende’, which is characteristic of gypsies, flamenco guitarists and dancers. “Duende” is raw, primitive, tempestuous energy, a vulnerability to inspiration burning in the blood. She is fiery, wild, and utterly original.

– Tessa Bielecki – Carmelite Nun & Author of Holy Daring

The Princess of Eboli, luscious and powerful, the most feared woman in Spain, wears a secret behind an eyepatch, and is a storm to be reckoned with. There is a saying – Christ stops at Eboli.

These two women’s worlds collide, and Renaissance history is made.

We see the film shot in a bare minimalist way, in a timeless desert-like place, where nature is king. Overlaying the earthiness of this world, there is a mystical place, experienced through a simple shift in awareness: the world of Saint Teresa’s mind. As exquisite as the slowed-down sound of crickets at night, it envelopes us in a god-like symphony. And it is the thing that the Princess covets above all.


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